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November 9, 2011
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ER -- Chartmire App by static-mcawesome ER -- Chartmire App by static-mcawesome

will update text later

yeah so uh this is a thing. have a textwall

NAME : Aelbane Chartmire (goes exclusively by his last name and does not give out his first.)
AGE : 44
HEIGHT : 6'0"
WEIGHT : 161 lbs.
HOMETOWN : Celadon City, Kanto
EXTRA ITEMS : Some form of alcoholic beverage at almost all hours; hunting knife strapped to right thigh.


For as long as anyone has known him, Chartmire has had a reputation of being a flighty, antsy, drunken nobody with a powerful aversion to commitment of any kind. That he has joined the Army would surprise anyone on a basic level, but it suits his lifestyle well enough for his tastes. He doesn't have to make his own decisions and always has something to do, even if that something is fighting.

Chartmire seemingly lacks the basic human ability to give a shit about most things; he begrudingly does most everything he's told and doesn't argue with instructions, making him appear to have a weak sense of morals. The connections he makes with people he consider to be friends are weak at best, and he prefers to keep it that way. For whatever reason -- possibly due to some sort of neurosis -- he acts as if something is hunting him and only gives out the most basic and unimportant information about himself.

When forced to interact with people in a social setting, he's as noncommital as he can possibly be and treats most everyone with the same heaping serving of cold-shoulder. Unless he's drunk. Which is actually a good portion of the time.


Chartmire isn't big on telling people about his past, even when drunk out of his mind. All that anyone really knows about him is that up until joining the military, he spent the majority of his life traveling across Kanto doing odd jobs for money to buy booze and food. Any relationships he had were one-night stands prior to him leaving town the next day, and at least one of them resulted in a bastard child he has absolutely no desire to deal with.

He joined the military on his own, not falling victim to a draft, and has been in the army for some months prior to the start of the war. He doesn't appreciate the fact that he's forced to fight -- he's no patriot and doesn't agree with the terms of the war -- but he does what he's told.

Chartmire neither hates nor loves Pokemon. His stance on the war is similar.

-Never as clean shaven as in this image. Always has grody stubble.
-Loves his booze, but smokes too. Just nowhere near as much.
-Straight, but doesn't want to be in a relationship. One-night stands are all he can handle and all he wants.
-Borderline nocternal, except that doesn't go over well with his superiors.
-Can't stand being still for very long. Morning rolecall is one of his least favorite things in the world. He's also cripplingly claustrophobic if he winds up getting pinned down or trapped and can't do anything about escaping easily.
(more may be added as i think of it)



NAME : Apache
SPECIES : Growlithe
NATURE : Quiet nature, Strong willed.
ABILITY : Flash Fire

From a species known for its loyalty, Apache adapted well enough to the life of a military hound. He wasn't enthusiastic about being captured or used, but his nature has made it siginifcantly easier for him to bond with his trainer. He doesn't share this bond with any of the other soldiers and has a short temper with anyone who isn't his trainer.

He was chosen to be given to Chartmire due to the latter's rather questionable moral stance; rather than giving him something with a little more punch, they gave him something a bit more managable.

They aren't exactly close -- their relationship is very professional -- but Chartmire is good to the Growlithe and treats him fairly. Apache returns this kindness by not being begruding to his trainer and doing as he's told loyally and without question.

This doesn't extend to the other recruits, though; despite being a very softspoken dog, Apache is very good at reading other people and can't stand them. He spends a lot of his time off the battlefield snarling and growling at the other soldiers unless Chartmire tells him not to.

NAME : Bravo
SPECIES : Herdier
NATURE : Rash nature, Likes to fight.
ABILITY : Intimidate

Bravo will fight you. Oh, you're bigger than him? Pfft. Stronger than him? No biggie. Are you an airplane or jeep? He'll STILL fight you.

Like Apache, Bravo was born and raised as a military hound. He was intended to specialize in digging trenches and attacking stealthily from underground, but his training in the latter didn't really stick. He's not big on stealth, but he is big on guts. He does whatever he's told and is incredibly loyal, but if he's not given directions to do otherwise he will attack anything he percieves as a threat. If he beats you, he'll expect you to be better next time he meets you. If YOU beat HIM, he assumes you cheated. If you fight alongside him, you will be his best bro and he will 'recruit' you to help him, human and pokemon alike. Since he and Chartmire have not technically fought together yet, he still challenges his trainer, which he finds annoying to no end.

Bravo is perpetually scruffy, something Chartmire can't really do anything about since the instant he gets cleaned up he goes to do his own thing, and he's missing part of an ear. Neither of them are sure why.

NAME : Cadence
SPECIES : Houndour
NATURE : Calm nature, Thoroughly cunning.
ABILITY : Flash Fire
GENDER : Female


pokemon (c) japanz
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